Monday, June 29, 2009

Waiting for answers

I've sent screeners to a number of festivals, and I hope we can get a good 1st festival a springboard to others. It's a slow process. The time from submission date to announcement varies from 1 month to as much as 3 so there may be a lull before there's any news.

That said, I have heard from a lot of people who weren't able to make the cast and crew screening so I may try to arrange a smaller screening during the summer. All depends on an available space and the usual logistics.

We're getting our heads down at 1i films to get our next project going. Still not sure what will go first. We need to create a recession proof plan and buck the trend.

I suppose that applies to everyone. Best a wins a business partner.


Stephen Murphy said...

Don't forget to use and to submit Dust to Festivals - gets you a listing on IMDB as well - and is pretty much the standard that most festivals are looking for in terms of applications.

Anonymous said...

Any further news?